Any success comes to you when you are passionate about that success, have the right mindset,   learning attitude, and implementation in order along with proper guidance followed by the right action plan.

This is a universal mantra and applies to any profession be it Sports, Acting, Business, Media, Politics, etc.

Let’s talk about what is the first step and requires to be a successful Digital Marketer. Any guesses ??

It is none other than your passion. Your passion for becoming no 1 Digital Marketer in India is what takes you to your dream & motivates you always to work relentlessly to become No 1. It is your passion /burning desire within you which always provokes you to dream even during the day and urges you to leave no stone unturned, keep working, and working until you achieve your goal of becoming No 1 in Digital Marketer in India.

Let me take you to the step-by-step process/ activities involved to help you achieve it.

Choosing your Niche 

It is one of the most important decisions to take from your areas of expertise /talent to make it your business /profession.

You must build your business around your passion, you are passionate about or you are very good at and also enjoy doing it all the time. It is because of the activity you enjoy and are passionate about increases the chances of success.

For Example, A person who enjoys playing cricket will never get tired /bored even if we leave the person on the ground for an entire day because he enjoys playing cricket.

But your chosen niche should not be too wide /broad and could fetch your transaction opportunities in the market. Your Product (Physical or Virtual) must have the feature of solving the problem of the market  / meet the need of people in the market.

For Example, I choose my niche to be a fitness trainer for post-pregnancy ladies only rather than only fitness trainers, which is too broad.

Fundamentals of Marketing 

Let us understand the fundamentals of marketing :

Marketing is a technique & scientific process that helps you to connect to your target audience, win their trust, and make your loyal customers towards your product or services, which makes you a recognized brand in the marketplace.

Quote of Philip Kotler (Marketer): The aim of marketing is to reduce the need for selling.

Let talks about the four P’s of marketing :

Product: We have to have a very in-depth understanding of our sets of products we want to sell along with its specific features along with USP, which makes us unique from your competition in the market.

Price: To determine how much your product will cost, you need to know the prices of your competitor’s product   they’re offering. Market research regarding the same would help to decide what price your customers could pay you.

Promotion: Nowadays with the evolution of technology it has shifted us from the era of promotion on Radio to TVs and social media channels. Choosing channels for the promotion of your product and services is also one of the important decisions to make, taking into consideration the set of audience you are targeting.

Place: You need to ensure that your customer can find your product and services online and offline, which is convenient for them. For this, be available with your website and physical store in the market.

Marketing is about sending the right message to the right person at the right time. Further to selling,  it is something to remain engaged with your customers to keep them happy, satisfied, and loyal towards your product and services.

It is a means to an end. It helps you build your brand and capture a position in a market in such a manner as when a customer thinks of products and services related to a category of product basket, brands of yours pop up in their mind.

An excellent product and service is sold by itself. Product /services with good marketing strategies will make your customer your brand ambassadors, which helps in multiplying your customer base further..

Poor products /services even with good marketing strategies will lead to the death of the company /brand. No matter how well you are in the market pushing for sale.

Just like sales, copywriting and advertising, communication is also one of the important components of Marketing.

Let us understand the importance of communication :

Good communication helps you market your product and services effectively thus build your relationship with your customers.

Communication does not ask if you are good at English and any language, writing bombastic  vocabulary, grammar, etc. It is the art of making others /your target audience understand what you want to explain, be it  any language,  picture format, written words, or symbols.

Traditional Marketing VS Digital Marketing

Traditional Marketing: Marketing & Sales is the backbone of any organization and will continue to be the future, and generations to follow this technique even after 1000 years from today.

The concepts of marketing relevant today will never be outdated. Rather, a company/brand who knows how to market itself will never be thrown from markets even in a crisis as we have now during this corona pandemic.

I find Word of mouth marketing to be the best marketing practises by renowned brands.

The brand still prefers to do their advertisement on television in this digital era, as most of the population of rural areas are not used to digital marketing as of now.

Digital Marketing: Most people confuse marketing with digital marketing. To tell you in brief, Digitals marketing is just a set of tools/platforms being used to market one brand /company.

A person will learn more fast digital marketing who is having an experience of marketing and sales over one is not from a marketing background.

Time may replace online marketing tools and platforms with a higher version of doing marketing but can’t be handed over to robots/machines because of the common sense, human feeling, and creativity involved in marketing can not replace marketing.

The relevance of Economics in our day-to-day business /market.

Economics affects our daily lives in both obvious and subtle ways. From an individual perspective, economics frames many choices we have to make about work, leisure, consumption, and how much to save. Our lives are also influenced by macro-economic trends, such as inflation, interest rates, and economic growth.

It helps in understanding the future of one business and market potential which can be in say 10 years from now.

Economics gives us an understanding of the financial strength of Banks, Institution, Central banks, and even the  government. Hence,it is suggested to have a good understanding of economics if you want to grow and be a leader of all times and generation after generation.

Having a good understanding of Economics will be beneficial in meeting our financial goals for our business. Let’s understand how it can help us  achieve our financial targets.

Let’s consider how to achieve 10 Lac over 1 year.

Example 1: Suppose you have a  customer base of 500 Nos and even if you keep the price of your product/services to be Rs 2000, then total amounts will reach 10 Lac.

Example 2: Suppose you have a customer base of 1,000 Nos and even if you keep the price of your  product/services to be Rs 1000, then total amounts will reach 10 Lac.

Example 3: Suppose you have a  customer base of 10,000 Nos and even if you keep the price of your  product/services to be Rs 100, then total amounts will reach 10 Lac.

The idea is the customer base you have to your brand follows the easy chances of reaching your financial goal in a brief period with prices affordable to one and all.

Let assume you are having a customer base of 500, then you need to find the customer ready to pay 2000 for your products as at this you are dealing with the premium customer.

Price of your Services /Product is directly proportional to your Customer Base & Vice versa.

Fundamentals of CATT Marketing Funnel.

Let discuss each element of the funnel and how it plays a crucial role while on boarding customers in our business.

Niche: As I have explained above that your niche is something which describes you and your expertise, hence, it can’t be made available for mass but for the selective category of consumer who could find a solution from your expertise /business solution.

Example: If we convince onboarding all customers on this planet then we will end up losing someone who might switch to other professionals expert in their niche . Hence, always focus to be No 1 in your sub category if not the category which people remember and acknowledge you. (SubCategory – India ,Category – Digital Marketing in this case )

Content: Your words are the most powerful weapon to build your personal brand. Writing good content drives more traffic on your blog thus helps in gaining the attention of customers. If you know what your audience wants to read then a marvelous piece of the article filled with ideas, timeless information will always allure readers to visit your blog again and again and in a result will not mind subscribing to your blog/newsletter.

Attention: Once you have drawn attention through your content, you will start having a good follower to your blog/website. Sharing any new articles on any social media will automatically draw the attention of your existing followers to go through it and share .

Trust: You already have won the trust of your followers, and your followers are ready to subscribe to your blog/website and share their feedback as and when you request for.. It is because of the trust they have for you as a brand .

Transaction: This follows on its own once all the above funnels right and working in tandem. Your subscribers are ready to invest in your product /services as you have won their loyalty and trust through your blogs /website..

Why Integrated Marketing?

Integrated marketing is a cross-platform and sometimes cross-media approach that allows you to strengthen your campaigns’ impact.

Integrated marketing is just that—integrated. You’re using campaign elements on one platform to support what’s happening with another. Your PPC campaigns, content marketing campaigns, email campaigns, site content, social content, and outreach campaigns can all have overlapping elements. Whether we design this to funnel people from one platform to the next to ultimately convert or just provide more information and raise overall awareness, an integrated approach is undoubtedly an effective one.

Integrated marketing creates multiple touch points for your campaigns, often using a marketing calendar. It requires more planning upfront, but a systematized and cohesive approach can help you make a much bigger impact and get more results because of it.

Personal Branding

Personal branding comes into play when people recall you by your name. No matter how many companies you form and run it  “YOU” as a brand will always come to mass minds.

Steps to become personal brand 

Learn : Learning is required no matter whatever you achieve. Even famous personalities like Bill Gates, Elon Musk ,Sachin Tendulkar, M S Dhoni loves to learn from their mistakes and believe it has a continuous process.. Learning is a  continuous process and should happen daily.

Work: Working relentlessly towards one goal is what will ensure your timely success. There is no substitute for hard work. Keep learning and working to make impossible become possible  .

Blog: Blogging is the best medium to connect to your target audience and thus building a huge fan following out of that .This is what will later help in building your brand image of your founded company  .

Consult: Consulting is another very good way to be known in the market with the business solution offering as a business consultant or as a freelancer.This gives a very good exposure to working in the market and thus prepares you for another level of mentorship and forming your own startup.

Mentor: Mentoring is just like teaching and helping others achieve his /her dreams/goal.Its is always better to be a mentor because we learn better while in mentoring others .

Start up: When you have worked towards all above you are ready to form your start up and build your own organisation.


Hope you find this article informative  & must have added value in your learning experience. You may follow the steps to become a brand in Digital Marketing space and thus achieve your financial goal. In case you are seeking for any mentorship  then I will recommend you to join Digital Deepak Internship Batch 5. Link to  to apply .

Look forward to your valuable comments and feedback to get back with more such articles . Thanks for visiting my blog .